Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Yesterdays Sand

© 2013 G. D. Fairbrother All Rights Reserved

Monday, June 10, 2013


June 10th 2013
Everyday I look for the humour in something; and many times, I am that something. Writing funny poetry for the young of heart (that's me) for the child like mind (that's me) and for the person who just doesn't want to grow up (again, that's me) has been rewarding. There is nothing that I won't write about except THAT, no, I won't write about THAT! Oh, and I won't write about religion or politics, sports or bleeding noses, and birds that fly backwards is definitely a NO NO! You see almost everything is subject to ... being a subject ... except for THAT of course.

I'll write about anything
and everything once.
I'll write about pockets.
I'll write about stunts.
I'll write about measles
or jacks in big boxes.
I'll write about people
with red blotchy poxes.
I will write about subjects
not found in a school.
I'll write about things
incredulously cool.
There isn't a subject
that will escape such a fate.
I'll write about alarms
and why I am late.
I will write about hangers,
a coat and a hat.
But no, no, NO, NO
I won't write about THAT!
A "THAT" is a subject
I won't right about "THAT"
but I'll write about "YOU"
© 2013 G. D. Fairbrother All Rights Reserved

Sunday, June 9, 2013


A day without rhyme
would be such a crime
In fact, it makes
no sense at all
I'd have to be asleep
in order to keep
those words coming out
after all!
© 2013 G. D. Fairbrother All Rights Reserved

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Jack Prelutski

Another great poet, performer, creator is Jack Prelutski. I love his work.  if I could sit down with any poet it would be Jack.

June 8th 2013

What is it about poetry that attracts us or repels us? I think poetry is like a hand that reaches into our very soul and pulls at our heart strings, so to speak, of course. It mirrors our sameness with others and reflects our experiences, our feelings and notions so that your thoughts will say, that's me, that's what I felt or how I feel. Poetry is immortal. It goes back far before Shakespeare. To be or Not to be! Is that really the question. Or, is the question:
What if time stood still ...
Would it matter?
Would I grow old
and wither?
Dust to dust
ashes to ashes!
Would I be like the Phoenix
rising from the Vortex
to be born again?
Would I throest
mine arms in angst
like a great pillar
toward the sky
and rise? Rise
to take control
over mine own destiny?
That oft quoted phrase
rings in mine ears.
It reverberates
throughout my very soul.
I have not thrown down
Have? HAVE I?
that may be the eternal question.
may well be the answer!
© 2013 G. D. Fairbrother All Rights Reserved

may have been the question
but we will each discover for ourselves
in our own time
What the answers are
to our very own questions.

Friday, June 7, 2013

June 7th 2013

I don't know where I get the idea at times but something silly will pop up, a notion really and I will put the idea down, usually on my Galaxy Note 2. I'll start writing and sometimes when I finish, I am a world away from my original idea. That's what I like about writing. I'll have an idea that quite literally sucks, but it is an idea that takes form much like the root of a tree or plant and from there, I do not know where I will end up. I usually write the way I speak. My words are not philosophical to a great extent because most people do not talk or think that way in their daily lives so why would I sound like something I am not. My writing is influenced by many sources. I don't think I have any one particular style. I liken my process to a grab bag approach. Whatever works to get the job done. Today, while I was at my day job on a break, I wrote: "The Alphabet Song" which started off by looking at the numeric alpha code and I thought: it would be cool if the code was written by Seuss and I went from there. Below, each word in capital represents the beginning of each letter in the alphabet. Enjoy! Take care. 

Some people pray tell have all the luck
It’s “The Dr. Seuss Alphabet” What’s wrong with that?
ITCHY itchy JICHY jichy
Thank you everyone and MOMMA too
RIMMY-raz-raz  SHAM TAG UR in
That’s my alphabet, let it be!
© 2013 G. D. Fairbrother All Rights Reserved

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday June 6th 2013 I think ...

Hello, I have been on both Instagram and Twitter and there are some fantastic great poems out there. However, I could not see any fun nonsense poetry there such as the Dr. Seuss, Lewis Carrol, Edward Lear, Silverstein type of poetry. I would like to see a big resurgence of this type of poetry. Words are fantastic and how you say something paints an instant picture in the minds eye if the writing is good. I love humour and we are never too old to be silly or appreciate the silly side of life. Gloom and doom is so easy to find. It's out there everyday but if you think funny, look for the funny; I believe,  I
believe, it will find you. Everyday, I have a choice and I choose to not take life to serious. I leave that for the tax collector.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I'm living a life of rhyme!

A big HELLO! Welcome to my poem blog where I will share with my readers. If you are reading this blog, chances are you have seen my poetry on either Twitter or Instagram. The reason for the blog is, it is easier to discuss all things poetry rather than just showing pictures. Here, I can go more in depth and take comments and share the important things about poetry without the limitations of x number of words or characters in any given block, and no, you won't need hashtags. I would like to introduce myself and why I became involved writing poetry. First, My name is Greg Fairbrother and I am from Saint John N.B. Canada. I am 58 years young and am a partner to a great woman and I have a son that I am very proud of who is also making me a grandfather before the end of June 2013. I started writing sometime in 2006, 1 year after my 21 year old son passed away from lifelong health problems. He was the second son who has passed, as a son back in 1982 had also died. I wanted to create a poem for Ryan in his memory, so I did and was happy with the results. The joy that writing this one poem brought me caused me to want to continue writing, until I had nearly 200 poems of a more serious nature under my belt. Sometime in either 2007 or 2008, I created a funny poem. I shared it and got a good reaction and went back to write more of this type and have not looked back. I have hundreds of poems and songs written, mostly of a funny nature and if you browse in either Instagram or Twitter, you can read a few that I have posted. Along the way, I have decided, as a bucket list item, to write a book of humorous nonsense poems. I find that nonsense is very good for the state of mind and can be enjoyed by any age. It is my hope to attract like minded people who would like to share and talk and give their insight and opinions on ... funny poetry. I wish this to be a clean site and invite people anywhere, young and old to participate. I know there are professional sites that offer contests but this is a more laid back way of introducing yourself and share and visit for awhile. Share your story; When you started writing; where you want to go with it and then, we can support each other through encouragement. I hope to hear from you in a comment box and if you think this is a good idea or not. Think of it as an informal get together. Thank you and welcome to our blog and may we continue to live a life of rhyme.