Monday, June 10, 2013


June 10th 2013
Everyday I look for the humour in something; and many times, I am that something. Writing funny poetry for the young of heart (that's me) for the child like mind (that's me) and for the person who just doesn't want to grow up (again, that's me) has been rewarding. There is nothing that I won't write about except THAT, no, I won't write about THAT! Oh, and I won't write about religion or politics, sports or bleeding noses, and birds that fly backwards is definitely a NO NO! You see almost everything is subject to ... being a subject ... except for THAT of course.

I'll write about anything
and everything once.
I'll write about pockets.
I'll write about stunts.
I'll write about measles
or jacks in big boxes.
I'll write about people
with red blotchy poxes.
I will write about subjects
not found in a school.
I'll write about things
incredulously cool.
There isn't a subject
that will escape such a fate.
I'll write about alarms
and why I am late.
I will write about hangers,
a coat and a hat.
But no, no, NO, NO
I won't write about THAT!
A "THAT" is a subject
I won't right about "THAT"
but I'll write about "YOU"
© 2013 G. D. Fairbrother All Rights Reserved

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