Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday June 6th 2013 I think ...

Hello, I have been on both Instagram and Twitter and there are some fantastic great poems out there. However, I could not see any fun nonsense poetry there such as the Dr. Seuss, Lewis Carrol, Edward Lear, Silverstein type of poetry. I would like to see a big resurgence of this type of poetry. Words are fantastic and how you say something paints an instant picture in the minds eye if the writing is good. I love humour and we are never too old to be silly or appreciate the silly side of life. Gloom and doom is so easy to find. It's out there everyday but if you think funny, look for the funny; I believe,  I
believe, it will find you. Everyday, I have a choice and I choose to not take life to serious. I leave that for the tax collector.

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